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Welcome to the Backlinkchecker!

Less work with your link partnerships

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important factor for the success of a website. And within SEO the factor linkpopularity (short: linkpop) is significant. That´s the reason why different websites link to each other, so-called link partnerships are formed or link space is traded. Sometimes there are substantial amounts of money involved because particularily links from websites with a high Pagerank (Google Pagerank) are in great demand. But just one link does not effect much, and so many website operators contract several link partnerships. Well, and that means a lot of work. Not only that link partners and good link space are not to be found that easy, but also you need to control the partnership links in more or less regular intervals. Because unfortunately, it happens that links are removed without preliminary information, or websites are closed or reorganised.

Our service
Here the Backlinkchecker comes into play - to facilitate your work. On our worldwide and day and night operating user interface you can check and keep track of your link partners and the related links. Therefor we make available to you two different account types with different scopes of service.

Backlinkchecker for free
With the free account of our Backlinkchecker we adress smaller websites with up to 10 link pages to supervise. Please find out here, what the free Backlinkchecker offers in detail!

Premium Backlinkchecker
With our Premium Backlinkchecker we adress webmasters with up to 200 link pages to supervise. Additionally, the Premium Backlinkchecker offers an automated control of the partner pages with email notification function. Find out here what features the Premium Backlinkchecker exactly offers!

You are looking for a Backlinkchecker operating within your own website?
Our Backlinkchecker checks specified backlinks to your pages, not the links within your pages. But there, too we are able to help you by recommending the following free of charge service: the W3C Backlinkchecker.